Qaidah Nooraniyah

Learning to read the Quran at a younger age is far easier than later on in life.

Course Description: Qaidah Nooraniyah (learning to read the Quran) taught in a very unique and easy style. Students a taught in a group setting with all participating at the same time to help encourage and motivate one another. A unique reward system that helps student achieve in just a few months. A very precise program that uses audio, repetition and positive reinforcement for maximize results in a short time period. 

Course Requirements: 

* Parents are required to help student with audio

* Students attendance is most important at this stage. We highly encourage not missing any classes.

* Students need to be able to give about 10 min to homework daily

Age group: (Youth under 18)

Class Schedule: Monday & Wednesday (5:00PM - 6:00PM)

Start Date: Aug 28 2023          

Location: Hidaayah Institute (4577 Ohio Dr. Frisco, TX 75035)

Tuition: $100 (monthly)

Instructor: Shaikh Fazal Bari (Studied at the University of Medinah for 10 years)


Question: Can a student join more than one course?

Answer: Yes! As long as they are of age, they can join more than one course.

Question: What if I am not able to afford the tuition?

Answer: Alhumdulilah, our goal is to make Islam accessible to all and never want to deny a student from learning. Please fill out our scholarship formand we will try to have our sponsors help InshAllah. (

Question: What is the refund policy for this course?

Answer: Alhumdulilah we are teaching for the sake of Allah, any student that would like a refund, we will be happy to give it to them with a smile.