An ideal program for those who want to fluently speak the language of the Quran. Students with no background in the Arabic language will quickly find themselves creating their own sentences and understanding simple sentence structure. Hidaayah Institute's One Wish Program relies on a proven technique taught to thousands of students at the prestigious University of Medinah.

"Learn the Arabic language, since it fortifies the mind and increases virtue."

-Umar ibn Al-Khattab رضي الله عنه

Online Fall 2019 Semester

Start date: September 30, 2019

End date: December 19, 2019

Live Mondays and Thursdays, 7 pm - 8 pm CT.

(Plus an extra one hour Q&A session every other week)

All sessions will be recorded. 

Holidays: Thanksgiving Week November 25-29 

Why should I study the One Wish Program?

The One Wish program uses a proven method of learning that comes from the heart of Islamic Scholarship: Medinah. The program utilizes three books that are concise yet extensive in their coverage. Students will acquire an understanding of the Book of Allah and the Hadith of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم. Students will not focus solely on English translations, rather, students quickly transition their thought process to rely on Arabic alone. Completing the One Wish program is about more than simply learning Arabic, it's about opening the doors to the world of the Quran and Islamic Scholarship.

What will I learn?

Semester 1: Introduction to Nominal Sentences

In the Arabic language there are two types of sentences, Nominal Sentences (Jumlah Ismeyyah) and Verbal Sentences (Jumlah Fi’liyyah). First, students will build a strong foundation by studying Nominal Sentences in detail. Students will begin to create their own sentences and start to understand how the Arabic Language is structured. Students will then be introduced to verb conjugations to help build their Arabic speaking skills. 

Is this course for me?
  • Are you able to read the Quran? 

Students only need basic Quran reading skills. You do not need to be able to read fluently, write in Arabic, or know Tajweed to enroll in the One Wish Program. 

  • Are you a working individual, busy student, or parent who wants to learn Arabic but can't commit to a full-time course? 

This course is only two days a week, one hour per day. 

What will One Wish be like?

This course will be conducted live, online. Each session will be 1 hour, from 7:00pm - 8:00pm CT, every Monday and Thursday plus an extra review session every other week, with a break for Thanksgiving Week. We recommend students set aside 1-2 hours outside of class for exercises, drills, and vocabulary each week.  

Course Highlights

  • An introduction to the importance of seeking knowledge.
  • A short spiritual and motivational talk at the beginning of each class to help nurture the mind.
  • Vocabulary words with audio made easy for students of all ages to learn.
  • Interactive teaching methods to help develop students' speaking skills.
  • Gradual transition into only speaking Quranic Arabic in class.
  • Organized and structured coursework with homework, quizzes, and tests.

Regular Tuition Rate $599
First Online Course Discount $499(Per Student)